Thursday, October 20, 2011

Trend of the week!

Hey dolls! :)
This weeks trend is POLKA DOTS!
We've see Polka Dots on the runway.. but most of the time the Clothes we see on the runway isn't really realistic to the average persons life. I will give you ideas of how you can wear polka dots on a daily basis.

Here are some examples of top designers who have fell in love with the polka dots craze :)
First we see Diane Von Furstenberg Dress. For runway it is styled beautifully with the dark red lip and the sunglasses. She is selling this look to THAT type of women. The stylish, working, always on the go type of girl. Next we see Marc Jacob blouse and pants. This look is to the Extreme with polka dots, most women will not be able to pull this look off. Especially because it is black on white and not the other way around where is usually more faltering. Lastly, and my favorite of these three is Stella McCartney dress. This is the definition of Sexy. I absolutely love this Dress. I would wear this dress if it didn't have the side cutouts, but for a Celebrity or someone who would like to show a lot of skin. This is perfect. The Sheer polka dot fabric is so beautiful, and so faltering. As you can tell I just love the third dress. ^.^ 

Celebrities are also into Polka Dots craze. At first I was really iffy about my opinion on polka dots. It reminded me of Greasers, very 1950s (while i was in HS i loved the 1950s, but now that im older im over that phase). Here is a Picture of three Celebrities wearing polka dots. My fave is the third one. Kate Winslet looks amazing with this Stella McCartney dress, i just love it. The second look is worn by Christina Aguilera, and her dress has a retro look. Even more so with the red lip and red peep toe shoes. Very 50s.

These are Sets I made. If i had all these items of clothing i would wear this together exactly like this. ^.^ I am going to buy this Skirt. It is sold at Forever 21 for $23. I would pair it with a bright solid color shirt or a white shirt. I LOVE these shoes and to me they scream fall! I am also trying to do color blocking with this look. As you can see the belt and shoe is the same color i think that brings the whole look together. I also made a look with a polka dot sweater and its just a very casual look for one of those days where your not sure how the weather is.. and in California we have a lot of those days. I paired it with a bright purse and i believe it really complements the look. :)

Would you girls wear polka dots? 



  1. Hey Babe, Thanks for following!
    I never wore polka dots and never like them.. Haha!
    But recently I started doing polka dots nails! Will post pictures on my blog soon!

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