Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Out Fits of the Weekend.

This weekend was an eventful weekend. :D
On Friday I went out with my Girlfriends!
Basically a girls night out.
What i wore was a very cute black blouse with brown and blue birds! :)
i feel like people might think its ugly, but i could care less.
bc we should all wear what makes us happy..
I wore it with a black tank undershirt. 
and a blue body con skirt. 
I bought that skirt forever ago, so when I went to the website to try to find it.. it wasn't there. 
It was a MIX of these two. 
the color of this skirt..
and the design of this one. :)
I wore the shirt tucked into the skirt. 
When I went to F21 this weekend I bought the cutest Oxford heels!!
On the website they didn't have the color i bought.. but they kind of look like these
and are a lighter shade of brown! SO CUTE!
Then on Sunday We went to eat at
Buca Di Beppo!
Ive never ate there before it was so yummy!
Since we were a big group they sat us in the 
Ive never been to a restaurant where they had a pope room!
I must take my Grandma back there! :)
Well since I live in LA, and the weather is CRAZY over here. 
Let me tell you.. 
last week it was at 97 degrees! 
today it is about 71 degrees and looking outside my window it looks like if its going to rain. 
(So if you see a drastic change in my outfits its bc the weather is CRAZY HERE!)
I wonder if its like that is other parts of the world?
Well what i wore to Dinner was 
This dress with My New Oxfords Heels! :)
i went really settle on the jewelry only wearing pearl studs and an gold owl ring.
and a Channel inspired brown purse that i bought at Marshall's.

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