Thursday, October 20, 2011

Trend of the week!

Hey dolls! :)
This weeks trend is POLKA DOTS!
We've see Polka Dots on the runway.. but most of the time the Clothes we see on the runway isn't really realistic to the average persons life. I will give you ideas of how you can wear polka dots on a daily basis.

Here are some examples of top designers who have fell in love with the polka dots craze :)
First we see Diane Von Furstenberg Dress. For runway it is styled beautifully with the dark red lip and the sunglasses. She is selling this look to THAT type of women. The stylish, working, always on the go type of girl. Next we see Marc Jacob blouse and pants. This look is to the Extreme with polka dots, most women will not be able to pull this look off. Especially because it is black on white and not the other way around where is usually more faltering. Lastly, and my favorite of these three is Stella McCartney dress. This is the definition of Sexy. I absolutely love this Dress. I would wear this dress if it didn't have the side cutouts, but for a Celebrity or someone who would like to show a lot of skin. This is perfect. The Sheer polka dot fabric is so beautiful, and so faltering. As you can tell I just love the third dress. ^.^ 

Celebrities are also into Polka Dots craze. At first I was really iffy about my opinion on polka dots. It reminded me of Greasers, very 1950s (while i was in HS i loved the 1950s, but now that im older im over that phase). Here is a Picture of three Celebrities wearing polka dots. My fave is the third one. Kate Winslet looks amazing with this Stella McCartney dress, i just love it. The second look is worn by Christina Aguilera, and her dress has a retro look. Even more so with the red lip and red peep toe shoes. Very 50s.

These are Sets I made. If i had all these items of clothing i would wear this together exactly like this. ^.^ I am going to buy this Skirt. It is sold at Forever 21 for $23. I would pair it with a bright solid color shirt or a white shirt. I LOVE these shoes and to me they scream fall! I am also trying to do color blocking with this look. As you can see the belt and shoe is the same color i think that brings the whole look together. I also made a look with a polka dot sweater and its just a very casual look for one of those days where your not sure how the weather is.. and in California we have a lot of those days. I paired it with a bright purse and i believe it really complements the look. :)

Would you girls wear polka dots? 


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Home made face mask!

As I'm watching the Real World on MTV (frank is overreacting about his hair) I notice I'm getting a huge pimple on my forehead. -__-
Could it be the 3 Reese's chocolates that I just inhaled?
Well I think its time I make a face mask.
I've tried quite a lot of store bought mask in my day. From Proactive to CVS brand, but my Favorite is a Home made Oatmeal mask. (I'm a sucker for organic products)
You need three things.
  • Milk
  • Oats
  • Honey

First you mix the Oats, milk and honey together. Make sure you mix it well.
Then you put it on your face.
I don't have a time frame I wait, I just wait until I feel it dry on my face. Then I wash it off with warm water.

*it can get messy so make sure you apply over the skin*

Enjoy your super soft baby butt skin.


What to wear Wednesday.

Hey Dolls!

Happy Wednesday!
Its that time of the week where you can start and taste the weekend!
hang in there you only have two more work days to go!
Since we all want to look Fabulous and still be comfortable
here is an idea of what you can wear..
i am Actually going to wear this today!

Im wearing this long sleeve Leopard print shirt. I bought it at forever21 for $19.80 and i love love loveee it! I haven't wore it yet, but today is the day! I am going to wear it with the sleeves cuffed up and i WISH i had an over sized gold watch to wear it with, but i don't. :/ (That is now on my wish list!) I am also going to wear it tucked in and with a Brown belt as you see on the forever 21 model.

Along with this shirt im going to wear regular dark wash skinny jeans. that you can buy pretty much anywhere! every girl should have a pair of DWSJ (dark wash skinny jeans) in there closet because they go with everything! :)

I am wearing this with Unionbay Faux Shearling Lace up BOOTS! I love boots! but i don't consider these boots even though they are called 'boots' they are more like booties or even wedges! I bought these are Marshall's for $39.99

Last but not least im going to wear my super cute Owl Pendant Earrings! When i bought them i wasn't so sure if i should get them.. but im glad i did because I've worn then a ton of times! I bought these at F21 for $4.80

And these are my items. soon to be on me! =)
Hair. Im going to wear my hair in a stylish bun with my bangs down.
Make up. Red lipstick. No eyeshadow. LOTS of mascara and eyeliner on my waterline.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

September Favorites. :)

Hey dolls!
I know it's like October 18th so it's A September mid October Monthly Favorites :)

First of all if you have not used the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle then GO GET IT! :D this hair conditioner works magic! If you have dry hair it Will moisturize your hair and make you fall in love with your hair all over again. After you have used it about two-three times you notice how soft you hair has got and a plus is that it smells amazing! I bought mine at Target and it was $2.99. Really affordable! I can go on and on raving on this product! I just love it.
So if your like me and you straighten, curl or blow dry your hair almost every other day you need to get this! Especially now that it is fall timee! Yayyy! (:D I love fall!) Sexyhair Pumpkin Enzyme Mist! I say especially now that it is fall time is because it is pumpkin scented. At first the smell is over powering, but it doesn't stay with you the whole day. :) You put this on your hair while your hair is damp and it'll protect your hair from heat damage. It's really simple to use and it'll save your hair! I bought this for $5.99 at Marshalls, but regular price is $10.
Last hair product is Bed Head Headrush shine mist. :) I have used this product for the majority of my life while trying out other hair shine products and I always go back to it. 1st of all I love the packaging! It's so pink and cute! 2nd this smellsss sooooo gooodd!!! If I could describe it I would, but it's nothing like I've ever smelled before you just have to smell it yourself! If your hair looks dry after you straighten it or curl it you add this and it looks full of life and so shinny! I bought this at Walmart for $18 it's a little pricey but well worth it!

If you ever shop at Victoria's Secret you need to try the Love spell Refreshing Body Mist and Ultra-Moisturizing Hand and Body Cream. These projects have Cherry Blossom, Peach, and White Jasmine. This is my daily scent and since it is affordable you don't need to stretch it! Lol The mist is $9 and the Cream is $9.50

This is my first time using St Ives Apricot Scrub! I love that it is oil free and the fact that is has 100% natural Exfoliants :) also it is Americas #1 Scrub. It cleans my pores and i haven't got any big pimples since using it. I use it about 3 times a week and I like it so far when I bought it is came with a free St Ives oatmeal & Shea butter moisturizer! Yippie! I LOVE FREE STUFF!!! Lol I bought it at target for $3.04

Last but definitely NOT least is Great Last Maybelline mascaraaaa! *singing voice* if you and your friends are like me and mine we always talk about mascara and what mascara we love and hate! Great Last has surely made my top 3! This mascara gives volume, length and it doesn't clump! I bought mine at ULTA BEAUTY and I got it for FREE! Reason being I got it for free is because I printed a coupon for ULTA and it was get $3.50 when you spend $10 they still have this spacial SO PRINT It Out And Go Buy Something! :)

 And these are my products :)

Out Fits of the Weekend.

This weekend was an eventful weekend. :D
On Friday I went out with my Girlfriends!
Basically a girls night out.
What i wore was a very cute black blouse with brown and blue birds! :)
i feel like people might think its ugly, but i could care less.
bc we should all wear what makes us happy..
I wore it with a black tank undershirt. 
and a blue body con skirt. 
I bought that skirt forever ago, so when I went to the website to try to find it.. it wasn't there. 
It was a MIX of these two. 
the color of this skirt..
and the design of this one. :)
I wore the shirt tucked into the skirt. 
When I went to F21 this weekend I bought the cutest Oxford heels!!
On the website they didn't have the color i bought.. but they kind of look like these
and are a lighter shade of brown! SO CUTE!
Then on Sunday We went to eat at
Buca Di Beppo!
Ive never ate there before it was so yummy!
Since we were a big group they sat us in the 
Ive never been to a restaurant where they had a pope room!
I must take my Grandma back there! :)
Well since I live in LA, and the weather is CRAZY over here. 
Let me tell you.. 
last week it was at 97 degrees! 
today it is about 71 degrees and looking outside my window it looks like if its going to rain. 
(So if you see a drastic change in my outfits its bc the weather is CRAZY HERE!)
I wonder if its like that is other parts of the world?
Well what i wore to Dinner was 
This dress with My New Oxfords Heels! :)
i went really settle on the jewelry only wearing pearl studs and an gold owl ring.
and a Channel inspired brown purse that i bought at Marshall's.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Want Luscious lips?

Hey Everyone today I am going to tell you how to do a LIP SCRUB! :) 

First all you need is a Container to keep the finish product. 
I am using this one. 
You are going to need 3 items. 
  • SUGAR. 
First you ADD your petroleum jelly and sugar in your container and mix it
Once you have a nice thick mixture you add you Lip Gloss. 
 Your end results should look like this. 
Using your finger rub on lips.
Leave on for as long as you want.
Enjoy your Luscious lips. :D